Fresh Eggs Straight from the farm

Just Been Laid produce some of the Hunter's freshest eggs, subscribe today to get yours weekly.

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How Does it work?

  1. Our Process - Step 1
    Our chooks socialise and graze on the farm at Eccleston on the pastures of the Allyn River. Your eggs are collected daily and hand packed ready for delivery.
  2. Our Process - Step 2
    You subscribe online, select the egg quantity you would like each week and select your pickup location. We’ll then deliver your eggs to your pick-up location.         
  3. Our Process - Step 3
    Collect your eggs and enjoy the super fresh goodness!       
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Our Farm

We have been farming at Eccleston, on the Allyn River for over five generations.

About our Eggs

"I wanted to start something that would be complimentary to our existing beef business and really appeal to people who remember what eggs used to taste like" - Founder, Sarah Sivyer