Our Membership

Guaranteeing freshness and helping to support other local businesses.

Why did we choose a membership model?

Its all about the freshness.

After chook health, ensuring quality is the most important part of our business – a quality product from chooks living a quality lifestyle.

We measure quality in terms of flavour and freshness. We know we have the flavour as the chooks are grazing on pasture that has been mulched for 40 years and that pasture is complimented with the most premium grain available that contains probiotics for chook gut health, is vegetarian and contains no meat meal.

But freshness is the key and is something we can absolutely control - this is why we launched Just Been Laid.

Without a membership model we couldn't control how long your eggs might sit on a store shelf.

So if you're particular about freshness, chook well-being and flavour then this might be for you.

Keeping with the theme of full transparency, as a bonus, we hoped that a membership model would also support other local business. As a side benefit of you collecting your eggs each week from these awesome venues we hope you'll also support them by snapping up a coffee or some yummy food at the same time.