See our most common enquiries.

  1. What happens if I'm going to be away for a week or two?

    You can pause your subscription at any time. You can do this by jumping back onto the website and logging into your profile. A little bit of notice would be super helpful, as the payment system is way more tech savvy than us (!) and sometimes we need to catch up. But usually we can make this happen within 48 hours of you letting us know.

    Alternatively, why not let your next door neighbour or a friend try your eggs for a couple of weeks? There is no paperwork involved, this is a trust system, so just let them know that they need to pop in sometime during the week to the collection point and grab the correct amount of eggs.

    And if you completely forget - you can be sure they have gone to a good cause as we will donate them to Oz Harvest.

  2. Can I change the number of eggs I get once I've signed up?

    Absolutely. If you've got friends coming to stay or you've decided that this week is going to be a baking week (yay!) then just jump back into your subscription profile and select "Change Egg Quantity". You can increase or decrease your order. Usually we ask that you give us a little bit of notice so if you can make that change by the Sunday before the week starts that would be super and we'll try our hardest to be as responsive as possible and make sure the chooks are on board:)

  3. What do the Just Been Laid chooks eat?

    The JBL chooks have access to pasture 100% of the time. Some of them even jump out of the caravan in the middle of the night for a midnight snack. They also have a healthy crumble available to them - which they devour!

    This crumble is a vegetarian mix of grains where the protein source is from canola and soy. We have chosen not to use a feed with "meat meal" in it as we also run our cattle over the same pasture and it is strictly illegal to feed cattle (accidentally or otherwise) grain with meat meal in it.

    So, with that in mind, we wanted to source a vegetarian feed. While the canola can be sourced from Australia the soy comes from Argentina. In Australia everything can be certified non-GMO however it is harder to get that evidence from Argentina. We are guaranteed that our soy is non-GMO however it is not certified.

    Our crumble mix also has probiotics added to help with healthy guts for our chooks which is why there is absolutely no medication added to any of the feed.

  4. Do I have to collect my eggs on the day they are delivered?

    You can collect your eggs any day of the week but they will be freshest on a Saturday. This is because all subscription eggs are delivered late Friday.

    It’s completely up to you when you decide to pick up your eggs, although please try to have collected them before Friday as this is when we deliver your new fresh eggs and it would be great to have all of last week's eggs already collected :)

    If your eggs are still at the collection point on the following Friday, when we come to deliver the fresh eggs, we will take your old eggs and donate them to Oz Harvest or Maitland Community Kitchen on your behalf so that someone in need gets a super fresh nutritious meal. Donating a dozen eggs is the equivalent of donating 6 meals.

    We'd love to leave them there for you for a second week but space is a super precious commodity for our cafes and we don't want anyone to accidentally pick up older eggs!

  5. What happens if I forget to collect my eggs?

    Not a worry at all. If you forget to grab your eggs we will donate them to Oz Harvest on your behalf and you can be sure that your dozen eggs have gone to someone who was in need of a fresh nutritious meal. A dozen eggs is the equivalent to 6 meals.

  6. Can I gift a subscription to someone else, like my children? I'm not convinced they're eating properly!!

    Sure thing! A few people have mentioned that they would like to buy a subscription for a family member who is now living away from home but still in Newcastle. This is easy. Just fill in the subscription information and choose the collection point most convenient to them and off we go!

  7. Once I've signed up, is that all I have to do?

    Spot on! You can have weekly fresh eggs from then until eternity! The only reason you may want to log back into the system is if you decide you'd like to change the quantity of eggs you are getting or maybe if you want to change the credit card that you are using. But all of those things are super simple.

    In short, once you've selected your weekly egg quantity and your collection point you are set! No weekly logging in trying to beat a deadline - the system remembers who you are, where you pick up from and your favourite order.

  8. How do I pause my subscription?

    You can pause your subscription at any time. Just send me (Sarah) a quick email sarah@justbeenlaid.com.au and I will sort you out.

    A little bit of notice would be super helpful, as the payment system is way more tech savvy than us (!) and sometimes we need to catch up. But usually we can make this happen within 48 hours of you letting us know.

  9. What size eggs are the dozen packs?

    We always aim to have 700g dozens. As chickens age, their eggs start to become larger and heavier. In the early weeks of laying, chicken's eggs can be well under 50g and by the end of their laying life they can be well over 70g!

    We will strive to give you 700g dozens however if for some reason (like we have introduced new chooks) we may need to revert to a 600g dozen. If this happens we will aim to send out an email in advance however this would only really happen for 1-2 weeks of the year due to the natural egg cycle of new chooks.

  10. Why are JBL eggs only available via subscription?

    Ensuring quality is the most important part of our business – a quality product from chooks living a quality lifestyle.

    So……for those of you who are particular about your egg freshness, egg flavour and chook wellbeing - we launched the JBL subscription in Newcastle and Maitland. We only sell our eggs via subscription and at The Newcastle Farmer's Markets. This was we can make sure we control freshness.

    As a result, anyone in Newcastle or Maitland can make sure their eggs are super fresh, every week.

  11. When does my subscription start? I signed up yesterday, does it start tomorrow?

    We know you're keen for your super fresh eggs so we try our hardest to kick off your subscription as soon as possible.

    You can sign up any day of the week and your eggs will be available from the following Saturday.

    The only catch would be if you sign up on a Friday. This is the day that we do deliveries so we may not have caught up with your order as we are doing the rounds. Best thing would be to sign up any day other than Friday to avoid any confusion.

    As a heads up, when you sign up payment for your first round of eggs will be debited from your account immediately - just in case you're wondering why you have a "Just Been Laid" transaction on your credit card.

  12. Can I request a new delivery location?

    Please do! We are always looking out for new locations, and if there is enough interest in a certain spot we will be able to set up a new delivery drop off.

    Supply us with some details and we’ll look into it for you.